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The Oklahoma Permaculture Research Institute has established three demonstration sites in Seminole County, which are managed and maintained by volunteer site coordinators. These sites serve as a vital center for data collection, analysis, and research, with each site offering a distinct landscape and ecosystem. Through the study of soil biology and design principles, the institute is able to promote sustainable practices and enhance our comprehension of the natural world

Wells Farm is a 20-acre site that serves as a demonstration site and home to the Oklahoma Permaculture Research Institute's education center and microscopy lab. The farm incorporates multiple design principles to create a sustainable and regenerative permaculture orchards as food forests and multi-paddock grazing systems for sheep.


Welcome to Rainbow Farm, a one-of-a-kind demonstration site that showcases open pasture management for beef and dairy cattle grazing, as well as food production in a high tunnel system. Our high tunnel site is specially designed to withstand Oklahoma's harsh weather conditions, ensuring minimal damage and maximum productivity.  This demonstration site also houses a small but budding permaculture orchard of various fruits.

pepe high tunnel 2.jpg

Demonstration site #3

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